ABT 9000


Ideal for operating rooms and critical areas

01 Ideal for operating rooms and critical areas


A green device that has a positive impact on the hospital ecosystem


Made entirely of stainless steel including both tanks (Tot. 65 l) to ensure safety, asepticity and resistance


ABT 9000 performs two distinct biological activities: degradation/inactivation of biological fluids and neutralization of chemical substances


Total degradation in just one minute and complete drainage (65 l) in 3 minutes


3 consumables to treat biological waste, antiplastics, tracers, spent chemical reagents and dialysis ultrafiltrate


  • Cardiac surgery: In the PACU and CICU wards, the combined function allows both biological fluids and dialysis ultrafiltrate to be treated simultaneously
  • Urology and Orthopedics: Thanks to the multiple suctions and the large capacity of the tanks, it is possible to treat big quantities of produced fluids and reduce the intervention and recovery times of the operating room
  • Rianimation and intensive care: The multiple and automatic suction systems allow to be connected to several beds (up to 8) at the same time, freeing the staff from the burdensome task of constantly changing the drainage bags
  • Hemodialysis machine: Thanks to different types of disinfectants, ABT9000 can also treat liquid wastes deriving from mobile dialysis monitors of other departments


ABT 9000 is equipped with 4 asynchronous suction channels to ensure simultaneous use on multiple surgical bags. Connects up to 4 bags (8 with a Y connector) to be aspirated from simultaneously and regardless of the waste type, so as to be able to use all the chemical solutions offered by the device. Thanks to 2 tanks, it is possible to aspirate in one of them from a standard biological fluid bag in order to be neutralized with Axivirium bioactive, and to use the other tank to aspirate/treat dialysis ultrafilte (combined suction). Suction programming: PROGRAMMABLE: the suction cycles are set by entering the suction stop time in seconds / minutes. This is extremely important, for example, during bladder washouts. It is also possible to schedule the suction intervals so that the device proceeds automatically without the presence of an operator. CONTINUOUS: works continuously and is INTERRUPTED once the surgical bag is emptied or if the CHEMICAL solution is finished.


To ensure maximum safety, ABT 9000 performs auto-thermal disinfection at 40 ° of all internal circuits using Axivirium Bioactive, and guarantees a log 12 reduction of the infectious burden in 5 minutes. ABT 9000 is also equipped with 2 germicidal UV LED lamps to completely decontaminate the internal structure and further guarantee the safety of the device.

05 Features

Panel PC

Panel PC touch screen resistive display equipped with a management software with data traceability


Registration system for all clinical/therapeutic use ralated data and collected-liquid quantities


Lithium-ion battery with a 24 hours autonomy


Washing process and independent automated thermal-disinfection


RFid reader for used-product traceability and warehouse management


Integrated Wi-Fi module for remote assistance and interconnection with the hospital’s infrastructure

06 Technical Sheet


Structure Powder coat stainless steel
Interface 12″ touch screen resistive display
Casters Conductive medical wheels
Dimensions W65 x D40 x H 116 cm
Weight empty 82,5 Kg
Tanks AISI steel 2 x 32,5 L
Suction channels 4 independant channels (2 of 14 L/min and 2 of 4 L/min)
Evacuation 24 L/min fast with anti-drip attachment
Power 24V Lithium-ion battery – 240 V in the auto-thermal disinfection phase
Autonomy The battery allows for an entire work day
Security systems
Control alarms in all parts of the circuit

07 ABT Range Video

08 Download

Technical Sheet

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