Infection Risk Management has never been more important

In recent weeks, we have been overwhelmed with news regarding the new Coronavirus and its danger. In the light of all this, the need not to expose our medical staff and patients to infectious risk and to find solutions that can manage and stem nosocomial infections, for which Italy, unfortunately “boasts” the primacy in the EU, is increasingly clear.

The manipulation and management of biological waste is a phase of high-contamination potential and the best modus operandi requires the use of devices (for individual or external protection) that ensure personnel’s safety.

As a confirmation, recent news shows us that the new coronavirus has been isolated in a stool sample of an infected patient which reiterates the extreme attention that must be given by Health Departments in order to protect their facilities.

It is essential to treat all patients as potentially infected, as in some cases, infectious diseases may not yet have emerged (see case of coronavirus patient who was found to be positive for the virus one week after the known end of the incubation period).

Leaving the choice of using disinfectants to the discretion of operators, puts our health workers in serious danger.

The ABT range of biomedical devices by Enproject Medicali srl ALWAYS manages, regardless of the patient, the infectious risk and makes the hospital environment safe, as it uses a Class IIa medical disinfectant, called Axivirium Bioactive®, capable of leading a 100% degradation of RNases action in 1 minute with an initial count of miscellaneous strains in billions of units reduced to 0 CFU / ml.

In addition, the retroviral inactivation action is equally important, with tests demonstrating an absence of regrowth after 5 days.

The ABT range devices are not simple liquid aspirators, they are rather real tools for the prevention of chemical and biological risks.

The protection of the hospital environment becomes a careful choice of the most impactful technologies that demonstrate the effective management of the infectious risk according to objective data. Never before has it been more essential to initiate practices for the monitoring and control of nosocomial infections.


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