ENPROJECT MEDICALI SRL is a company with an over 10-year expertise team, focused on scientific research and health safety. Enproject Medicali advances itself as a valid partner for all public and private healthcare establishments in the management and control of chemical / biological risks and in the fight against nosocomial infections due to viruses and bacteria. The registered office and production site are completely Made in Italy and located in Marsciano in the province of Perugia. The company operates within the Italian and international high-tech biomedical sector, with the production of Medical devices for sterilization and high-level medical disinfection. Closed systems not to be confused with simple liquid aspirators, they are rather actual prevention and safety tools having successfully passed several tests to fully demonstrate the promised results.

A specialized team handles all the aspects and processes of each project; from design and manufacturing, registration of the trademark, product certifications, marketing activities and product introduction, all the way to customer service.

Our knowledge is based on the experience and research conducted for years in collaboration with medical staff and the most renowned Italian universities like: Retrovirus center, Department of Experimental Pathology of the “Sant’Anna” school of advanced studies in Pisa and “Campus Bio-medico”, Bioengineering Polyclinic of Rome.
The mission of ENPROJECT MEDICALI SRL is to develop an innovative offer based on continuous biomedical research. The main goal is the improvement of the hospital ecosystem. We operate according to the principles established by the European Standard Committee (CEN). Certifications: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485, ISO 17025: 2005, ISO 14155.1 e 2, ISO 62366 Usability Engineering, CEI EN 60601 1/2, CEI EN 61010.1. All our devices comply with the new European regulation 745/2017

Our structure

After-sales service
Thanks to the ABT line’s high-technology, our support team will be able to solve any possible problems, remotely and in real time, by connecting directly to the devices present on the network and consequently avoiding unpleasant downtime and time-wasting.
Research and Development
With years of experience in the medical-chemical sector, the dedicated team has developed a range of innovative disinfectant medical solutions that, combined with the devices of the ABT line, guarantee total effectiveness in reducing bacterial and viral burdens.
Technical and Design
A team of technicians specialized in 3D design, CAD/CAM, software development and industrial automation have created the ABT range devices and is constantly looking to implement innovative solutions.
Sales and Marketing
A sales network of dealers and agents spread throughout Italy and coordinated by a team of Sales & Marketing experts, will be able to provide you with all the information you need in order to guide you in choosing our products and the ideal solutions for your facility.