ABT 9000 present at the 19th National IEA convention (Italian Endourology Association)

The 19th National IEA (Italian Endourology Association) convention was held on the days of 19-20-21 February 2020 at the “Campus Bio-Medico” hospital in Rome. Discussions included some of the hottest topics of Endourology such as laparoscopy and robotic surgery, percutaneous in the supine position, flexible ureteroscopy, ECIRS, focal surgery and minimally invasive surgery, generally assisted by the most varied technological supports.

Ample space has been given to live surgery with, simultaneously, 3  operating rooms. ABT 9000, our top of the range biomedical device meant for the complete protection of hospital staff and patients through the aspiration of biological fluids and the TOTAL treatment / degradation of the bacterial burden and RNA viruses, was used and shown as an example of a fundamental device to the safe management of infected or potentially infected hospital waste.

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