Viruses and Bacteria in the "spotlight"

Seeing the current pandemic crisis, global attention in every sphere (public and private) has turned to the dangers of bacterial and viral proliferation.

Every surface with which we come into contact has bacterial and viral colonies and it is certainly now more obvious than ever to take the utmost care in cleaning the surfaces.

If this applies to hospital facilities’s everyday life, the disinfection and sterilization of all instruments, surfaces and medical devices should play a key role in safeguarding a sterile free-of-contamination environment.

There are numerous products with different power of action and contact times to effectively perform the task of disinfecting instruments and surfaces.

However, there is a potential intrinsic problem in most of hospital’s machinery and devices: the internal structure (mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, etc.) being inaccessible to the staff.

Inside the devices, especially with humidity and heat which are generated by the operating conditions, all the bacteria, viruses and fungi that are countered externally with the appropriate disinfectants find the ideal environment for their reproduction.

A proliferation that involves the risk of external contamination during transport and use of these devices.

Precisely to overcome this problem, the devices of the ABT line are internally equipped with special germicidal UV LED lamps.

As it is well known, ultraviolet light is a very powerful germicide, especially at a wavelength of less than 400 nm.

A shorter wavelength helps to increase the germicidal efficacy, while approaching a threshold of 250 nm, Ozone gas begins to develop, which, in closed environments, is very dangerous and harmful to humans.

For this reason, the lamps that are present in our devices work at a length of about 350 nm, guaranteeing an optimal elimination even of resistant bacteria such as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

A decontamination action in total safety, without the development of Ozone gas or direct human contact with the light.

For Enproject Medicali, the protection of the healthcare environment involves taking care of every single detail and preventing both external and internal contaminations.

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